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Washed Coking Coal by Province

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The volume of raw coal washed and yield of washed coal are calculated for each province. Raw coal, washed mixed coal, middings, sized slacks are then categorized into commercial thermal coal, and washed coking coal, washed PCI coal, coal lump into commercial coal of specific usage.


It’s a well-known fact that raw coal output data generally can’t reflect actual supply to and demand of the downstream sectors, and thus unlikely for us to do supply-demand comparisons and model-based forecast. For the first time ever, we made it possible for effective supply of commercial coal by usage to match consumption of the downstream sectors.


Washed coking coal supply

Thermal coal supply

Anthracite lump supply

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  1. China Washed Coking Coal Monthly Supply by Province

ShanxiShandongGuizhouHenanAnhuiHeilongjiangIner MongoliaHebeiYunnanJiangsuSichuanXinjiangChongqingJiangxiJilinShaanxiLiaoningNingxiaQinghaiGansuHunanHubeiGuangxiBeijingZhejiangFujian

Meagre leanLean coalPrimary cokingFat coal1/3 cokingGas fatGas coal

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